Monday, August 25, 2008

Start the music.....

jengjengjeng i come..moving to blogging not big fan of blogging..yet just want 2 try new things..hahah..still in my thought..why am i blogging??

few day ago..
Dayat:wan..create la blog..leh jd contibutor..
Wan:ahh..kalau aku nak wat blog pun aku nak solo j..xnk jd contributor..haha..

suddenly something come up..talkin by my blog..wahh great idea..
since im crazy bout phography..hakhak..dats a lil bit bout how icame up with this blog..
hoping dat this can be platform 2 sharpen my skils n knowledge bout photographic..

dunia laYang-laYang..
this small blog name..y??cos i like laYang-laYang..silly huh..act that is my favourite quote..
laYang-laYang can fly up high in sky..but not freely bcos its bond with the string..n need the wind 2 blow it up away..
with all pride n proud it fly n forget about the land..but when the string no longer attached(bahasa kejuruteraan..wakakakaka) the kite will be blown away 2 nowhere
until fall to the ground again..(but if it got stuck on tree laen crita la..)..that is the samething in our lifetime..
we can move live, move, do, or whatever we want cos we have been given opportunity by the the same time there is a guide which lead us..but when we forgot
who gives us all the gifts..we break the bond with the Great..n we will lost in life..

(ceramah agama beb..)

let the journey of laYang-laYang begin..
enjoy thousand words from a photo..

p/s: to my competitor, mr dyat..Acha is mine..hahah

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Dyat said...

acha buah mmmg milik kamu...

but acha septriasa...hehe
plz read bintang pop!