Thursday, August 28, 2008

love diary...

August 2006..

2 years ago..
my eyes was stucked with an amazing creation..
first time my heart beat so hard..
n i dunno y is dat happening..
in the same time my friend, naem have the same feeling bout her..
both of try 2 win her..after spending a lot money (to be exact 3 thousand..) at last she's mine..with all care, i look at her evry nite n day..
never got bored..

july 2007..

11 month of our relationship..
on one nite..i try 2 wake her up..
but she never opened her eyes..
i got panic..she's so sick..
will she leave me? bring her 2 meet
the specialist..let them diagnose her..
tell me wat goes wrong..2 weeks later..the specialist said..
'dia x apa2..just got tired..just dont make her 2 work hard ok..'
fuhh..lega...she's ok..i'm sorry sayang 2 make u work so hard nite n day for my sake..

August 2007..

she getting better..
i'm glad she still with me..
she's back from treatment.. so glad..
i'll give all of my care 2 u..
we getting along each day..

December 2007..

i hurt her..
sorry dear..
i didnt meant 2 make u hurt..
i didnt want 2..yet i stil hurt u..
that day still shadowing me..
the day u slip from my arm n fall..
n make u hurt..n u never awake..
just like last time..i'm panic..
i dunno wat 2 do..i bring u 2 speacialist one more..
ur disease come back..
i spend hundred of ringgit 2 make u awake again..
i never care how much cash flow..
as long as u r still with me..
2 month i leave u in pain..
n my life feel sorrow..
then u recover..
thnx god..relieve..

August 2008..

2 years u have been with me..
all joy n fun we share 2gether..
u cheer me up..
u here with me 24/7..
but me never know wat ur thought..
wat ur feel..
never care much of u..
day by day u just got hurt..
but in front of me u always look good..
but me never realize u cracking inside..
til dat that..ur ill come n strike again..
y must u have been taken away from..
y u?y not me..y let her suffer most..
till this second..
i still dunno how r u..
r u doin fine?u'll be back in 2 weeks.
but i cant never stand seeing u hurt each day by bcos of me..

now i realize..
i'm the one who shud go away..
stay away from u..let u go.
i cant bare 2 c u hurting..
let me walk away out of your life this time..

goodbye miss presario..

p/s: anyone who want her can contact me..harga bleh runding..


Dyat said...

wan ko srius ka mo jual?
bleh minta nub tlg... dia lincah kaduk sikit dlm prniagaan...

hari tu brg2 komp nuar, x smpat aku mo beli sudah dijualnya.

reddu said...

serius la..
2 pun klau ade arge yg bgus ditawarkan..
nnt aku tnye nub la..