Sunday, June 20, 2010

menulis lagi

after sometime playing with wordpress, i got bored..duh..maybe it is because of habits that i inherited from my brother (easily got bored if u know what i mean)..i said i stop writing when i started photoblogging..since im just too busy with work, so got no time to snap pic anymore..then i realize how much i miss writing..(typing laa)..well, we never realize what we have until we lost them..zzzzzzzzzzzzz...dont talk too much..

redzuan is almost finishing his years of study..hooray...currently redzuan is a buruh paksa in a kilang minyak sawit..awesome..redzuan waiting for abg mie punya jagoh punya kunci..i'll get a jagoh..yeah..jagoh?


a lot to catch up..

off to miri..

"kergghhh..cabin crew, please be sitted for take off. kerghhhh"