Monday, December 21, 2009


her eyes caught my eyes..

p/s:hujan tolong la berenti..

Friday, December 18, 2009

USE CONDOM!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you you you out there!!!!!

this is important!!!!

please use condom!!!please use protection!!!

please. i beg you.

do not give  what you have to others!!!!!!!!


do not put your 'things' inside without any protection!!!

and those who want to  accept the 'thing' inside them please ask the person who want to put their 'things' inside you to wear protction..

dont be stupid.

true story!!!!

Emelda just got infected..coma for a day..just came out from critical conditon..luckily she survive..

this all because that 'thing' been inserted in to her body without any she undergo traumatic condition..

poor her..

and please..this is totally not 18 sx!!!!

p/s:akan ku cipta kondom untuk benda itu..benda itu amat berbahaya..

benda itu??benda itu adalah pendrive??kamu pikir benda itu apa??hahahahha

Sunday, December 13, 2009

steps..(post from a lame person to those who lame enough to read this lame post..)

this post is boring..due to the word that paraphrased by me.and it just all lame words..seriously dude..lame..if you dont intend to read..dont read..or you are lame..

well, i guess everyone have to move foward. Even bill gates moving foward building new microsoft operating system, window seven. But the deal is he has start his first step long ago to come with first microsoft OS. what am i talking here. So lame and nerdy. cut crap. zzz...

well, what i mean here is every big achievement come with the small initial innocent step we took. hey. look at you. you are now what you are because of the first step you took when you were a baby. without that first step, who know what you will be. first baby step huh. cant wait to see Fahyim start his first step. he just born 2 month ago..hak3..go Fahyim go.. and cant wait for Farid to start his first day of school..hahhaa..go Farid go..

and tomorrow.i want to make a step to go to dr iqbal's office for PSM..aiyo..this thing really make me want to slap somebody with sejadah berwarna merah di katel ku itu..(nah..masok dah bahasa melayu..)

watch how i met your mother? season 5 episod 10? its all abou steps you make..must watch!!!

thank miss N..for the steps..

p/s:told you so..just words..lame and silly..well.. i guess that will come out when u r half way to sleep and empty stomach..