Friday, October 23, 2009

Sang Pemimpi

pursuing a carrier as a gas engineer
create a new fuel..
designing tank..
calculating this and that..

brain tired..

redzuan 3quater crazy now..

only have one ambitious dream to pursue..
to be loved by god..mak abah..
cats(including cat that had been slapped by penjahat berspek bulat)

and peoples..

"kejarlah mimpi mu" kata Lintang..


this little farid always said: pak su, nanti e-in nak bawa plane leh??nak bawak plane air asia..sebab e-in suka color red..

and he just 3 years old..and currently happy with his newly born little brother..
and there he is with his little plane..

Monday, October 12, 2009

beautiful mess

mak said: wow..its really look like single men's house

abah said: rumah ka apa??

pak su said:you make bomb in here??

nurul said: mcm rumah bangla..

long:............(silence and awkward)

well..that is O27..

and thats what we call beautiful mess.

p/s:safety n codes,gas storage, gas system lab, project management, plant design, psm. they are all mess..yet, they are not beautiful...douche..