Monday, February 28, 2011


people can change. that is the basic principle for human. but this fact cannot being change if some particular human does not want any changes in their life. but the fact is humans do change. same goes to redzuan (bukan nama sebenar). before, he just an ordinary guy that does not have any attention from anyone in his life(sadis). his life is boring but he enjoy every second of his boring life. but now, his life not boring anymore. but super duper boring. (he change) before, he don't talk so much (pendiam). but now he talk every second of his life (mengerepak). that's why he become even boring. (he change) before he always sleep late, overslept and never finish his work on time. but now he still sleep late, wake up early and still failed to be on time. (he change.....sikit la.) before he never ever expressed his fury to anyone, because he dont know how to expressed them. but now his face resemble a serial killer who will kill anyone got in his way.(he change drastically) before he never left his precious treasure behind wherever he go except for toilet.(D70) now he not even touch d70..poor d70..(he change) la what changing. i know i wan to sleep..and change my position to sleep.sleep..sleep

p/s:i watch u change....................................

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

0122 hours

i wish i could grab her hand. again.

p/s: can i grab ur hand?

Monday, February 14, 2011

if i could

mengantok..2344 hours...mendengar lagu..perut penoh..tgh berketek2 henpon..naip rah ctok..berketek3 lgik..


P/s: what done is done.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

kenak ceramah

Adoii..dengan muka penuh slambakodok aku nak selalu di lihat oleh anda..mun anda kenal aku la nak..aku msok ke opis temu bos ngn safety geng dr hq(padahal sorg jak..nak lain trainie jak)

Aku: Bos. they want to do site visit bos.(insan tersengih2)

Bos : ok2..but i want to see u first la..they can wait for 2 minutes rite..

aku: sure..(pusin belakang rondeng2 ngn Ms L n d gang..)

Bos : last time, Tuan Haji S ask me about your progress. i told him that you are .......................(confidential..xleh padah..panjang berjela nya muji aku..hahahha). and then he told me that he heard from someone that u are looking for another job..are u looking for one?

aku: tidak la..mana ada saya cari kerja lain encik..but i got friends ask me to join them.

Bos: what company?

aku: aiyo..byk encik..surveying ada..oil n gas ada.. boiler ada..even another palm oil mill pun ada..

Bos : u see aa redzuan..those oil n gas is blablabla..u better make a good decision. always ask ur parents about something u not sure about..u can discuss with me..

aku: (dgn muka selamba) ok.

Bos : are u enjoy working here? did someone pressure u here?u got any problem with anyone here?u can be open 2 it our higher management?or people u handle?i can talk to them..

aku: no la..i dun hve any problem wif anyone.(tipu) no pressure here.(tipu lagik) i enjoy la here.(sah penipu)

Bos: i know u work until night evryday.last week u work until 1 am kan.dun work like dat.u shud get rest.u even work on sat n sun kan.u shud go n hve fun smtimes.dun burden yourself.

aku: im sorry encik.once u give me task i will finish it even it take time until subuh.then i can sleep n rest well..

Bos : u see aa redzuan.(ceramah selepas tok kira2 abis dlm 15 minit kemudian)

15 minit kemudian........

Bos: ok redzuan..i want u to think about it..any decision u want to make please ask ur parents..

Aku: ok.errrr..i better get going..they are.still waiting for me outside..

Aku keluar dr opis trus plah kerja smbil berkata dlm ati..'sapa lah yang bocor rahsia aku mk keja tmpat lain..adoi..'

P/s:aku asa nak makan eskrem..sapa mok aku blnja?huahuahua.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Its normal when Chinese New Year, the whole town is like going for artilery battle.missle here and there.noise from night to dawn.when day come..its seem pretty foggy..awesome..happy new years for those who are chinese and especially to my chinese relatives..(aiya..its has been years since i go vsit them for new year..yet they come vsit us evry raya..adoi..)

its holiday for everyone..but im here working..adoi..thats the reality of working enviroment for the post i work the bright the boss today..yeehaa..kilang aku yang punya..

and there he comes with new signing and blast a goal and leeds the team to win..nice move to put in Suarez in the team and looking for Andy Carrol to tighen the frontline up.keep it up Kop.

p/s: boring ku di kilang..

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Menulis lagik

Ari2 meeting..redzuan bosan..ari2 ngadap bos dgr bos merepak..redzuan bosan..ari2 ngerepak ngn supervisor..redzuan bosan..ari2 supplier call suggest brg..redzuan boring..ari2 call supplier order brg sbb machine byk condem..redzuan boring..ari2 trun kerja..redzuan boring.. nak jadi ngn redzuan..

Love is like drugs..make u high and feel awesome..but when you out of it you going to be crazy..congratulation to my very fine friend, Hazmi Rahim who are soon to be engaged to his drug next 2 weeks. not to forget to my dearest friends and sweet couples, Nurul Razak and Saiful Fikri who are going to be engaged in April. May Allah bless your relationship and i'm looking foward for wedding invitation from all of you..wahhhhh..and yet i still left single..(sesiapa yg berminat mengisi kekosongan in boleh segera request in relationship di FB..)

P/s: kekayaan, kesejahteraan, kebahagian semuanya terletak di tangan tuhan..bukan di tangan bapak..(ayat dr filem ahmad albab)

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