Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Its normal when Chinese New Year, the whole town is like going for artilery battle.missle here and there.noise from night to dawn.when day come..its seem pretty foggy..awesome..happy new years for those who are chinese and especially to my chinese relatives..(aiya..its has been years since i go vsit them for new year..yet they come vsit us evry raya..adoi..)

its holiday for everyone..but im here working..adoi..thats the reality of working enviroment for the post i work the bright the boss today..yeehaa..kilang aku yang punya..

and there he comes with new signing and blast a goal and leeds the team to win..nice move to put in Suarez in the team and looking for Andy Carrol to tighen the frontline up.keep it up Kop.

p/s: boring ku di kilang..

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suNO said...

ya lah kehidupan di ladang? haha. sila tabah~

Dyat said...


Dyat said...