Monday, February 28, 2011


people can change. that is the basic principle for human. but this fact cannot being change if some particular human does not want any changes in their life. but the fact is humans do change. same goes to redzuan (bukan nama sebenar). before, he just an ordinary guy that does not have any attention from anyone in his life(sadis). his life is boring but he enjoy every second of his boring life. but now, his life not boring anymore. but super duper boring. (he change) before, he don't talk so much (pendiam). but now he talk every second of his life (mengerepak). that's why he become even boring. (he change) before he always sleep late, overslept and never finish his work on time. but now he still sleep late, wake up early and still failed to be on time. (he change.....sikit la.) before he never ever expressed his fury to anyone, because he dont know how to expressed them. but now his face resemble a serial killer who will kill anyone got in his way.(he change drastically) before he never left his precious treasure behind wherever he go except for toilet.(D70) now he not even touch d70..poor d70..(he change) la what changing. i know i wan to sleep..and change my position to sleep.sleep..sleep

p/s:i watch u change....................................