Friday, February 6, 2009

Let it go

sometimes life does not goes as we expected..
it will be bored if we can manage our own life trail..
cause there will be no excitement, joy,sad, anger, horror, sorrow...n so on..
that's what life really meant to be..

but when life not as bright as sunshine..
"life sucks..i hate this isnt fair with me..blablabla.."
that words will pop out easily from their tongue..
(golongan ini memang suka menyedut..)

Let it go will be bright again..
too long i have been hold on to things i don't deserve
and im letting go now..

kaki ku..dan slepa pink itu..
let it go..

thx to slepa pink owner..hahaha


Anonymous said...

u should put 'blnja me'.. hahahhah
- the slepa pink owner-

Redzu said...

slepa pink owner..
nnt la blanja u..hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Beli jer lah kasut baru.. tu pun susah ker.. Ish, x faham btol mamat perampok ni..

Redzu said...

huahua..ikhwan..xda dwit ma..
haha..bkn slepa aku pon..slepa emma.,.hahah