Monday, September 22, 2008

ku susun 20 jari tangan dan kaki...

Ramadhan leaving us..and Syawal coming up..sad and joy come together..sad because we never know will Ramadhan meet us or not next time..n joy for victory for fasting the whole month..

when I was a kid when Syawal come, its like a carnival which full of happiness..of course la..because we get much of duit raya..we used to have family reunion..with all of my siblings, and family gather around and ask for forgiveness..that time Syawal really meant to us..(of course because duit raya..haha)

so sad I'm no longer a kid..duit raya??rarely got it now..haha..and for this year I'm not coming home for hari raya..this the second time I'm not home for hari raya..its not like I didnt want to..what can I do..flight fair is killing me..haha..then just decided to 'berhari raya'with my sisters in Kedah..

for Mak n Abah..forgive me for all I did wrong, and for not being together with u all..i love u..
I really miss the curry..huhu..

for Abg Yus n Kak Nor..forgive me for asking a lot of duit raya..that what 'Adek' is..hahha..

for Kak Ema n Kak Na..we'll celebrate hari raya..dun worry..this time I 'pao' u Kak Na..
haha..and I cant wait to see beloved Farihin..hohoh..

and for all peoples i care:
2.kampong friends
3.high school friends
4.matric friends
5.umpians friends
6.this blog readers (if got readers la..)
7.anonymous friends
8.future friends
9.anyone that i've ever met
10.anyone that i never met
11.anyone that think they are the anyone
12.all people in this universe..

(if i have to write their name i think this space will not be enough)

with all humble n respect..

Sepuluh jari ku susun..
maaf kupohon..
salah dan silap
dari hujung rambutku sehingga hujung rambut mu..
yang lalu dan yang akan datang
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

little fotographer for hari raya

salam aidilfitri drpd si fotografer kecil..
maaf zaher batin..

end of this chapter