Sunday, September 21, 2008

biology..lapan belas es ex..

Form 5
Chapter 4: Pembiakan dan Pertumbuhan

Back in 2004. Being a nerdy secondary school students makes me awkward when it comes to this chapter. Everyone in started to think adultly(otak kuning). I still remembered the conversations during the first day we study this chapter in cikgu rohani class. just like it happen yesterday...

Cikgu Rohani: Ok everybody. Today we will learn about something that really important in your life. Breeding and growth process. Before we start, could someone please tell me what is this chapter about..Briefly..

as usual Hazmi will answer(anak kesayangan cikgu2..waaahhaha..)
Hazmi:Reproduction of new life ma'am.
Cikgu Rohani:Nice..exactly..thank you..we are going to learn how you being born to this world..before we going deep into this topic..any other question?

something cameup into my mind and gently asked..
wan: erm..will we have experiment on this chapter??

guys say:wow..hahaha..
girls says:eeeee...

with a shocked face..
cikgu rohani:my god..girls..please..stay away from redzuan..he is dangerous..

haha..what a tell the truth, i really meant the question..not fooling around..

Regarding the previous2 post, i made promise 2 show my new baby..then i would like 2 teach how my baby Bella being produced..teaching biology..
this site may content element that sensitive to certain people and certain age.
viewer under 18 are not allowed.or you may read it under your parent surveillance.

this is the biggest cells call mother board.haha.produced by asus, on of biggest reproductive system in universe..this is the board where the fertilization occurs..the scientific name for this cell is ASUSTeK Computer INC. it brings the mother genes, M2A-VM

this is the head of the cells that cooperate in the fertilization..this cell will merged into asus cell and implanted to the brings the father genes, AMD Athlon 64x2 5000+

this is my baby body look is a bit dark..caucasian maybe..inside,this body supply 230 watt for my baby to keep alive..

when we undergow ultrasound scan,we can see the mendula ablongata of this baby..that thing look likes solid..but can keep high amount of random access memory..
the main part of the brain can store high amount of data..

this is the digestive part..only accept cd n dvd for food..a alot..

got nice voice..5.5 inch 16 watt subwoofer with 2x9watt satelite tower.
n the face..wide 19 inch face..

what a beautiful baby..