Wednesday, June 22, 2011

unexpected life

bersarang udah blog tok.xdahal.xda org baca juak nak..its months passed by. JUNE already..its like yesterday is still like February. i bet a girl with name June have a cute face but always surprising. its 0016 hours and i haven't had a sleepy eyes, because i slept earlier.(penat maaaa) dining with 2 pieces of burger. being busy lately with mill commissioning, mill inspection, maintenance plan, mill upkeep, mill box up. aiyo...may i take rest from all of that?

its not to late to wish selamat penganten baru to my closest friend. hazmi. since the reception, i never meet him anymore. a married guy wouldn't hang out with those insanely single guys.TRUE STORY. what to say, he got new commitment in his life that should be taken more serious rather than those insanely single guys..including me..huahuahua..may Allah bless their marriage and last for the rest of their life. and to my other friends (KAB n HASILAH) who has tied their knot. konggereytulasen. season!!!!!!!!!

and what is it for me?stilll setting up my pace in my life. next target!!!!nintendo WII...hahaha..(thats what a nerd like me like to play with..hahah) and currently enjoying my life and trying to make life interesting.hhahaha..misi menginang pusak bermula!

p/s:every second passed is a moment.just make the best of them to be memorable.