Wednesday, April 13, 2011


How's life?
Its hard to carry a title of superior with age of early 20's. Dealing with those who are 20 years ahead you can give you massive migrain everyday. Its really hard when a guy with theory to give opinion to a guy who with experience that much further than you. Thats when experience beat theory. To make any modification for those who has work with out dated scheme seem to be troubling for both side. Accepting is the most difficult thing to be happen. Sometimes it takes a day..a month..a year or forever. Ahhhhhh crap..a rookie always a rookie in champions eyes.fullstop.

P/s: liverpool menang..hahaha

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Dino Prince said...

alala..siannye ko ared.. resign je r la ared kalo dh xtahan or xlarat..cari keje lain plak.. aku walopun dah xlarat.aku tepaksa keje gak..sbb xdpt keje lain lg..lgpun kalo aku resign skrg..camne aku nak bayar kreta arwah ayah aku tue kan..