Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Never been this serious before..look like i really want this job..running smooth with the interview session until they talk about salary. Never know they still want to hire this pity guy or not because obviously this guy is not interested to be interviewed..2.5?.what the tooooot..who want to hire a fresh grad with experience 4 month in practical training and demanding i got reason to do my things..unless they still want to hire that pity win situation...huahuahua.. interview coming up..nyehnyeh..

P/s: never takes something for granted..

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Nurul Razak said...

Good luck atok! mun dpt 2.5k sebulan ya spon aku kawen..hehehe

redzuan said...

mun jak dpt.demand tggi beb.

eddy syrol said...

good luck to u... nasib yg sama

Dyat said...

2.5 tu reasonable wan.
bijak. win-win. hehe

redzuan said...

eddy.thnx bro.

yat.mcm mna plan dsember ini?german?