Friday, December 18, 2009

USE CONDOM!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you you you out there!!!!!

this is important!!!!

please use condom!!!please use protection!!!

please. i beg you.

do not give  what you have to others!!!!!!!!


do not put your 'things' inside without any protection!!!

and those who want to  accept the 'thing' inside them please ask the person who want to put their 'things' inside you to wear protction..

dont be stupid.

true story!!!!

Emelda just got infected..coma for a day..just came out from critical conditon..luckily she survive..

this all because that 'thing' been inserted in to her body without any she undergo traumatic condition..

poor her..

and please..this is totally not 18 sx!!!!

p/s:akan ku cipta kondom untuk benda itu..benda itu amat berbahaya..

benda itu??benda itu adalah pendrive??kamu pikir benda itu apa??hahahahha


Angel Suzy said...

emelda? use pendrive? spread the virus? i cant get it

redzuan said...

aiyo suz...
emelda is my pc...
someone give her vir via pen drive (benda itu)
then a condom shud be invented to prevent the spreading of virus via pendirve..anti virus now a day just like abortion operation..if cannot ddetect hve to format!!!!

know wat i mean??

Angel Suzy said...

LOL! just let it born la... no need abortion :D wahahha~