Saturday, March 7, 2009


To tell you the truth

I didn't want this thing to happen..while you were away
I don't wanna be involve in this anymore
Cause i wanna be sober again
I don't want this spiral playing against my brain
Cause i wanna be so natural
I don't want this animated cartoon flow in my tubes
Cause i wanna be so happy
I wanna be so healthy
I wanna be so wealthy

I have done a million mistakes in my life
And there is no way of turning back
I hope i will be happy and healthy again
For the rest of my entire life
Along with a big fake happy smile
And yes of course
I wanna smile
I have to smile
Yes, i wish to smile
I learn to smile
cause i love to smile

It happen.. it happen to me
It could happen.. it could happen to you
It could happen.. it could happen just to anyone
... Me... Or you... Or she... Or he...

I better stop telling you about what is going on
Cause you will never understand
So all i got to do is just
Stop singing

I better stop playing
We better stop jamming, strumming, drumming
Stop dreaming right now

and cats keep meowing in front of the door

and meowing

and meowing

and meowing

..pusak meroyan..

p/s:pusak meroyan sedang mencari pasangan...


TwistedPath said...

mmg nonsense

aya said...

pusak ya tngh tunggu kawu bah ya.....
kawu x layan nya...
mati meroyan nya klak....

Redzu said...

mmg nonsense..sbb tu mmg luahan hati seorang nonsense..bkn aku..hahaha

pusak crik kwu ya..
kawu telang membuat pusak ya terangsang..gnewy bunyi ko teransang tek??

shatiratibo said...

bkn nonsense yaaa...ada yaa..apa ya munchkin? tell!!