Saturday, November 8, 2008

serious relationship??

what the point of having a serious relationship if you just get hurts..not once..not twice..but every second of idea of that..never be in things like that..
maybe its like drugs..more you take more high you get..but in same time you are in pain because of the still got addicted..well..that's why they say love is blind..yah..kind a true something..haks..but it will be stupid when u just keep being hurting..just dump the person..and go and find a new one..(i'm still single though..hahaha)

less but not all couple thAT they are very serious with their relationship..and ready to take next level??

Fendi & nadia photography offers wedding photography sessions for the lovers..who want to kept their moments forever..they are really good though..hahaha..more detail at
and you can see their works..(photo above is one of their to them.not mine..wakakaka)

but if you want to hire me as fotographer also can la..but i only got handphone camera..
and this chapter is all about promotion...hahahahaha



sy xnk lA amek awk jdik photographer nnt mst abis gamba sy rosak.,..

ared said...

haha..apsal lak ared la..pkai apa2 camera mst baik pnya gamba..hahahha..tgok gamba lilin kat post befday mas tu..smpai skrg x pdm2 lg kan..hahahaha

Z.A.R.A said...

wah wan..
kenak tragis ilak pasal cinta tok owh?

ugly said...

ish2..tok bkn tragis tok..
just reflect dr kisah chenta org len..